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I have a background in software development, mostly in C/C++ and Java.  I spent my career building software and teaching software development best practices.

In 2013, I purchased an Arduino Uno board just for fun.  I wanted to do some embedded systems programming, which I never did at work.  Big mistake!  🙂  I purchased sensor shields and breakouts that can be found on eBay and I created some projects. But, if using an Arduino is nice for prototyping, it’s not convenient as a permanent solution because it’s too easy to disconnect a wire (not to mention the cost).  I looked for an alternative and found smaller Arduino boards (Arduino Pro Mini) that could easily be fixed on a breadboard, for prototyping and the on a PCB as a permanent solution.

But, wait!  What’s a PCB?  I ended up reading books about how to design my own circuits and PCBs. I also learned how to use a software called Eagle to design my boards. Then, I started etching PCBs and learned how to solder through-hole components.  I soon realized that even Arduino Pro Mini boards were too expensive and were doing too much for most of my projects.  This is when I started using Attiny micro-controllers directly.

Using Attinys was a different beast and brought it’s own set of challenges including the program (firmware) limited space (1Kb to 8Kb).  After some research, I learned that I could accomplish the same things with much smaller C programs by using the Attiny registers directly.  Something else to learn about!!!

In the mean time, I purchased a CNC machine (ShapeOko 3).  After some experimentation, I realized I could stop using chemicals to etch PCBs by using my CNC instead.  It toked a lot of experimentation but I am now able to produce PBCs in a reliable manner.

Now, I am about to start experimenting with SMD components.  I just acquired a T962 PCB reflow oven and a whole bunch of SMD components.  Once I receive everything, I will definitively start posting about that!

I hope you will enjoy my site.  My goal is just to share about what I learned so it can help others in their journey.  I would also enjoy learning new stuff from you!


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