My Lab


Rebel DS1074Z

An oscilloscope is great to see what happens in our circuits!
User Manual

Power Supply

HQ Power PS603u – Regulated DC Power Supply

Used to power my project when prototyping on a breadboard.
User Manual


Atmel Power Debugger

Used to program & debug programs on micro-controllers. Also provides projects current consumption measurement.
User Manual


FTDI Programmer


ShapeOko 3

CNC Machine that I use for PCB milling.
Official site
Carbide Motion download
How I do PCB milling


Aoyue 852A++ Pro Rework Station

Used to solder/desolder individual SMD components on a PCB.
User Manual

T-962 Reflow Oven

Used to solder a whole PCB with SMD components and solder paste.
Upgraded and with new firmware, price as explained in this video.

Weller WESD51 Soldering Station

Used to solder/desolder through-hole components.
User Manual