Using a regulator to control DC voltage

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When designing a new circuit, we have to make sure we provide the right voltage level to all the components being used.  Some components may require a specific voltage like 1.8V, 3.3V or maybe 5V.  If you do not respect that constraint, your components won’t survive for a long time! I find using voltage regulators is the simplest and least… Read more »

ShapeOko3 Enclosure

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I was tired of all the noise and dust generated by my ShapeOko 3 CNC so I tried to find a simple and affordable solution to that problem.  After looking at what people do, on the internet, I decided to build my own enclosure using PlexiGlass.   Here is the size of the panels I used (all 1/4 inch thick plexiglass): Back: 16″ high… Read more »

Protecting your circuit with a diode

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A common mistake I do is to connect the power wires or battery the wrong way to a circuit. This results in reversed polarity and it may damage some components on your PCB or have even worst consequences. The good news is that we can very easily protect our circuits from such errors by using a rectifier diode.  It allows the… Read more »