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Using a Real-Time Clock (RTC) – NXP PCF8563P – with an Arduino

In this post, I will explain what a Real-Time Clock (RTC) is about and how to use it in your circuits. I will be using the NXP PCF8563P chip for the examples. You can find the data sheet for that chip here. A RTC is used to keep track of date & time in your circuit and make it available… Read more »

Programming an ATtiny using an Arduino Uno

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Progamming an ATtiny micro controller can be done using an Arduino. Step 1: Prepare Arduino IDE Make sure your Arduino IDE is supporting ATtiny micro controllers. Look at this post for more details about how to configure your IDE to do that. Step 2: Prepare your Arduino Uno To use your Arduino Uno as a programmer, prostate you have to… Read more »

Plant Watering Indicator (Part 2)

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In part 1 of that post, I showed the PCB design for that project and how I produced it. This design relies on an Attiny13a: You will see that the following code is not done using regular Arduino functions. I used the registers directly instead. The reason for that is that you have only 1KB of space to store the… Read more »