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Reducing your ATtiny85 power consumption

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In this post, we will look at different techniques to reduce your AVR micro-controller power consumption. This is especially useful if you are running your device from batteries since it will allow them to last longer. More specifically, we will look at the impact of changing the micro-controller speed (frequency) and also at the impact of using sleep modes so… Read more »

Atmel Power Debugger – First impressions

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This week, I received my new Atmel Power Debugger. In this post, I will share my initial impressions of that tool. Build quality The programmer itself seems of good quality. You have 2 USB connectors on the left. The one on the top is for the debugging functionalities while the other one, at the bottom, is to power your projects… Read more »

Programming an ATtiny with an USBtinyISP programmer

What is an ISP programmer about? In one of my previous posts, I explained how to program an ATtiny by using an Arduino Uno as an ISP programmer. Today, I will explain how to use an USBtinyISP programmer instead. An USBtinyISP is used to perform what is called In-System (ISP) Programming. In other words, it is used to upload a… Read more »