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Police Car Strobe Lights using a 555 Timer and a 4017 Decade Counter

Introduction Today, we will solve the mystery behind police cars strobe lights! Seriously, I was looking at a way to simulate those lights using simple LEDs and without any rotating components. Here’s the result on a breadboard: Solution The solution to that problem was pretty simple. I used a 555 timer to trigger a 4017 decade counter. I used 4… Read more »

Introducing the 4017 Decade Counter

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The 4017 decade counter is a chip typically used for 10 of its output pins. It turns them on, only one at the time, in a sequence from 0 to 9. The chip waits for an external signal to switch to the next pin. Pinout Power Pins: – Pin #16 (VCC): Connect to VCC – Pin #8 (GND): Connect to… Read more »