Reading a resistor value

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One of the most common component we use in our circuits is certainly the resistor.

If you look at a resistor, you will see color bands on it.
This is what you read to find out your resistor value (in Ohms).

If you do a Google search on “resistor value”, you will find images like this one:


Most of the resistors I have seen so far had 4 bands, which makes it easy to find out which band is the 1st (left) one.

If you have a resistor with the following colors:

redred-black-gold, it means it’s a: 2 2 X 1 = 22 Ohms resistance +/- 1.1 Ohm.

yellowvioletbrown-silver then it’s a 470 Ohms resistance with 10% of tolerance. So, 470 Ohms +/- 47 Ohms.

It’s not complex after all!

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